Friday, April 27, 2012

The Door...

"Then Jesus said to them...I AM THE DOOR.
If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved."
John 10: 9

Too heavy to carry, I put down my broken heart to rest for a little while.
Dreading to pick it up again,
I wished I had a Daddy to love me like a child.

I'm weary with the sadness of the brokenness I hide.
Can I come in and rest with you, for just a little while?
Can I curl up inside?

I want to run away, I said,
Where no-one knows me and no-one sees,
The pain that I have buried beneath a million tears.

I have so many questions, with no answers that are real.
They mock me in their emptiness.
They laugh at how I feel.

I used to think I had them all – answers, of course, I mean.
The questions then were easy,
The answers were neat and clean.

I kept them in a little box,
I'd pull out just as I pleased. The answers to the questions.
Oh, yes. I had them all.

But then, my heart was broken.
It shattered all my fears.
I lost my place. I couldn't break my fall...

No answers now, I knew the truth I didn't know before.
I needed something more than me,
To rescue me - to make me whole.

I just want peace, you know, in spite of all the pain.
I wish that I could take a bath
And come out clean again.

He looked at me with a tenderness I'd never seen before.
He picked me up and carried me.
He said "I AM the Door."

Inside the house, He covered me with a love I'd never known.
He sang and danced with joy for me,
And sat down on His throne.

The house was like no other I had ever seen.
There was Beauty everywhere.
I sat outside in the pouring Rain and never felt so clean.

He laughed with me, He cried with me.
He called me His very own.
He whispered that He loved me and would never let me go.

This is the thing that leaves me so amazed.
That He Who Is so Beautiful, the God Who Sees it all,
Loves me without reason and will not let me go.

He brought me to the questions with no answers I could see.
Until broken, I finally looked for Him,
And fell upon my knees.

When I looked into His eyes and saw the Beauty of His face.
I knew He was the Answer,
The Root of Every Grace.

Nestled deep within His love, He made me whole again.
He held me and He carried me,
He forgave me all my sins.

He reached down from heaven, He climbed into my pit.
Of the wonders of all He has given me,
He Is the Greatest Gift.

Thank you, Lord, for choosing me, a sinner saved by grace.
I will worship You forever,
My Savior, My Hiding Place...