Friday, June 21, 2013

My Close, Close Friend...

Self Pity...

I am often met along the way by my good friend, Self Pity. He came to visit me last night and made himself welcome and so all at home, he almost moved right in! At first, I didn't even notice that he was there with me. He is so soft spoken and sweet to my ears, it is often hard to detect when he joins me at the Table of My Own Undoing.

He comes in discreetly, so as not to disturb my treasured thoughts and just observes with me the tragic events that have, once again, befallen poor me.  But, oh the sweet, sweet savor of the words he speaks to me, when at last he makes his presence felt! No-one, and I mean no-one, seems to understand me better or care as deeply as my good, dear friend, Self-Pity. How grateful I am for his companionship. How much I treasure the wisdom he extols. He seems to know just what to speak to me to make me feel better at those moments of despair!
Like me, poor Self-Pity is so often misunderstood. We share a common bond of this unfortunate experience between us. Perhaps that is why we have come to enjoy each other's company. After all, who else is there who will take the time to listen to the endless list of grievances that tell the story of our neglect and betrayal at the hands of those we thought we could trust?  I propose to you that there is simply no one able and willing to accomplish this work in my life as devotedly and faithfully as my dear, neglected friend, Self-Pity.

He loves me, he loves me, he loves me so! Well, at least he feels sorry for me, and that is almost as good as love, isn't it?! He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me so tight, I sometimes wonder if I might suffocate right on the spot!  He reminds me over and over again how much he, and he alone, understands me like no other!  Why just last night he was commiserating with me in my suffering.  "Once again," he whispered lovingly in my ear, "You have been abandoned in the hour of your need.  And the saddest part is, you have always been there for them, haven't you, dear?  Haven't you always loved them, cared for them, sacrificed for them, given them everything you have?"  "Yes," I answered, grateful for the compassion of my dear, faithful friend in this dark hour of my need.  His words were so comforting to the wounds that he was touching with his long, protruding fingers...Was there something he was rubbing in them, or was that my imagination?  Something white and salty?!

"Thank you for your understanding, Self-Pity" said I.  "No one else even cares.  I am so completely abandoned and all alone... I find it all so unfair.  After all I've done for them - all I've given of myself.  I don't deserve this. Why do you suppose this is happening to poor, poor me?" 

I was beginning to feel an icy wind blowing through my little abode, even though the sun was shining through the windows on my face. I wondered at how the sun could dare to enter into this moment of my despair.  He should be ashamed to shine his light on my face when I all I wanted was to stay in the darkness with my only friend, Self-Pity.  Was that too much to ask...?!

Undaunted by the invading sun, my dearest friend in all the world, Self-Pity, smiled his sympathetic smile and drew me closer still until I felt his breath upon my cheek. "Tell me more", he whispered. "It is I, your closest friend, come to comfort you in the dark, dark hour of your need. Like I have always told you, they don't deserve you, do they? You have been so good to them. So giving. So self-less. Why, you remind me of myself, sometimes! We give and give and give some more. And what do we get in return? A basket of heartache too heavy for anyone to bear. Life is simply so unfair, isn't it, dear?"  He was stroking my wounds now, faster and faster...

"Look at them, all wrapped up in themselves! It's disgusting, isn't it? Do they even give you a moment's thought? Do they care for you the way you care for them? Do they pray for you as you have prayed for them?"  Catching himself, suddenly, I saw a flash of terror streak across his face.  He tried to recapture the words he had uttered, but, as we all know, words flung carelessly to the wind fly away and land wherever they like, never to be recaptured.  

Startled at the mention of my oldest, dearest friend, Prayer, I fell on my knees in worship and gratitude to the God who hears my every prayer and knows my every need.  Tears rolled down my cheeks like rivers that would never stop until they washed me whiter than snow... 

Looking in the distance, over the heads of all the messengers that had surrounded me the moment I had prayed, I watched the scoundrel, Self-Pity, running for his life, naked and unmasked, screaming that he hated me after all, and was happy for all my misfortunes. 

I looked around at all the friends my Lord had sent to comfort me - my dear, true friends, Forgiveness, Mercy and Unending Grace. In their company, I found the gift of healing and danced with the Angels of Joy and Peace around the throne of the King, who knows me better than I know myself and loves me anyway...

"The Lord is my strength and my portion forever..." 
                                                             Psalm 73:26  NIV


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catching Fireflies in a Jar...

Let your little light shine...

Remember when we chased the pretty little dancing bugs
With flashlights on their backsides?! 
Remember how we giggled and ran to catch them
When they lit up the evening sky?

Remember how we took them prisoners
And kept them in a jar?
When I look back with grown-up eyes,
I wonder at the fireflies I captured in a jar.

Are you one of my fireflies, lighting up the sky?
Did you fly by me on a dark and starless night?
Did you land upon my finger and twinkle all your light?

Did you call your firefly buddies to dance and twist and shout?
Did you give up your life for me, to be my little beauty
When all the stars went out?

Without your light you are just a dreary little bug,
No-one would even notice, no one would ever hug.

Without the flashing light you carry on your back,
We’d never care to hunt you down and put you in our sack.

It’s the light, it’s the light, the beautiful, magical, light!
Where did you get that beauty, it’s such a lovely sight!

The dance I dance and the light I light,
In the starless sky, on the blackest night,

Is a love note from my Creator, sent especially to you,
To remind you that He’s always there,

When all the stars go out…

Friday, June 14, 2013

Everything that has Breath...

"Let everything that has breath
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!
Psalm 150:6
(This is a reprint of a favorite poem from 2011!) 

"Everyday Praises"

In McDonald's
and in the park

In the morning
and in the dark.

In the hospital
and in the store

In the needy
and in the more.

In the sunshine
and in the rain

In the laughter
and in the pain.

For snowflakes
and rainbows

For fingers
and toes.

For gardens
and beaches

For Whip Cream
and peaches.

For family and friends
For tears that are shed

For getting up mornings
and goings to bed.

For saying I'm sorry
and hearing it too

For friendships I treasure
and those I adieu!

For grace to forgive
And receive it as well

For ears that are tickled
With stories I tell.

For seasons that change
And things that do not

For wisdom to seek You
In spite of the what.

For questions I ask
And the answers You give

For prayers that are prayed
Every moment I live.

For the millions of ways
You have shown me Your love

You have covered me
Over with gifts from above.

For babies
I bounced upon my knee

For the beautiful world
You have given for free.

Like a Father who loves me
You dote on your child

I see You all over
In tears and in smiles.

Amazed by Your grace
I'm in love with Your face

You are the wonder
of all that I see.

For the heaven You purchased
With the blood of the Lamb

For everything, Father,
I thank you. Amen!