Sunday, December 22, 2013

Into the Arms of Love...

"For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost..."
Matthew 18:11  NKJV
God blessed me.
He blessed me.
He went ahead and blessed me!
I never thought He loved me.
He is so very far above me.
Why would He love me?
Why would He care?
I don’t know the answer.
I only know the question
That was always in my heart.
If God could see me as I am
Would He ever want to be with me?
Would He even know my name?
Would He run as far away from me
As His big God feet could carry Him?
Would He pretend He didn’t hear me
Calling out His name?
Would He pretend that He was occupied,
with fortune and with fame?
With important things,
important people,
I’m sure He has important things to do,
that is why He came.
What is this? 
I see Him stop. 
He’s calling out my name!
He said that I’m the one He came for,
the little lost sheep He’s searching for,
The one that wandered off…
He says He saw me from the start
and tucked me deep inside His heart.
He sees me in my weakness,
and in all my many failures,
In all my ugly sins.
He says He knows it all and loves me anyway!
I can’t believe He loved me
when no one else was there.

He’s bending over heaven
to hear my desperate prayer!

Did I tell you,
He’s my father,
my daddy,
my Hero,
my all?
The One who picks me up and carries me every time I fall?
Have you met my Heavenly Father,
Do you hear Him calling out your name?
He’s searching for you like He searched for me
And loves us both today.
Listen for the whispers that surround you,
That’s the God Who made the universe.
He made you, every little inch of you!
He loves you like a daddy who won’t give up His baby
No matter what they say.
I hope this Christmas finds you running back to Him
And jumping in the arms of Love
Before it is too late.
I hope you hear the Father’s voice,
Singing over you.
I love you,
I love you,
Just the way you are…