Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Are Very Special!

I watched her sitting in the corner, painstakingly working on a card she was writing. At the age of seven, a brand new first grader, Ella is adorable as she applies her newly acquired reading and writing skills to everything she touches. As her grandmother, it delights me to watch the transformation she is going through from caterpillar to butterfly, testing her wings and beginning to fly! What a privilege to play a small part in that transformation!

Although I always tease my grandchildren that I don't want them to grow up too fast on me, I know I cannot stop the clock. The best I can do is enjoy the ride and cheer them on as they move forward on the timetable that God has set for them. I watch them with love and admiration. With prayers for their well-being. With hopes that they will find Jesus along the way and give Him their hearts. I watch their dreams unfold, right before my eyes. Can there be any greater privilege in life? If there is, I haven't found it yet!

When Ella finished her labors, she presented me with the card you see above. She had asked me earlier for a little note card to write on and was now gifting me with it in return. It was a card that an adult would send with a little scripture verse on the cover. Underneath that verse, in her adorable child's script, she had printed, “You are very “SPECEIL.” She had written over the word special, obviously confused about the correct spelling! Next to it she drew a little heart and signed it, all grown up style, “Love...Ella”! All over the inside of the card, she had drawn hearts and smiley faces and printed the words “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”!

No amount of money would ever be enough for me to part with that sweet gift from my youngest granddaughter. Some things are just beyond words to describe how much they mean to us. To receive the unabashed declaration of love and affection from a child is such a sweet blessing. Soon they learn to “grow up” and be a little more discrete in their expressions of affection and appreciation. But, for now, this is a wonderful season of free and joyous expression.

Got me thinking. I wonder if God is waiting to receive a thank you note from me?  Is He waiting for me to tell Him how special I think He is – how very 'One of a kind' I know Him to be in my life! Is He wishing I hadn't grown so sophisticated that I no longer find the need to shower Him with affection and gratitude for all He is to me? I love my granddaughter so much! It would be such a great loss if she never told me she loved me. Why should God, our Father, the Giver of every gift worth having, not want to hear our “I love you's” just as much as we do?

Children have an amazing way of leading us by their innocence and simple honesty. If they love you, they let you know! I hope I learn from Ella how not to ignore my Heavenly Father. Like the old Sesame Street song says, “If you're happy and you know it, then your face should surely show it!” If you're grateful and you know it, then your mouth should surely tell it!

I am so very thankful for the priceless care and treasures I have received from the hand of my God, each and every day!. Thank You, Father! YOU are very Special!

Scripture Reference: James 1:17 NKJV

Every good and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of Lights...”


  1. It is special to receive such a precious gift from a beloved child in one's life. I tell my niece to stop getting bigger but she does not comply with my wishes. ;) I do enjoy seeing her at each stage though. She is almost four but it seems like she was just born yesterday. Time does fly but it has all been "speceil."

  2. Enjoy it all, while you can, Shannon, I tell all of my grandkids - they have grown up too fast! Ella, following in the footsteps of her sister and her cousins, likes to think she has it all figured out already. Last time she was here, she asked me quite seriously, how old I am. As I hesitated to respond, she quickly added: Really, Nonnie - are you 31 or 81? I need to know... Her sister (age 11) was on the floor laughing...! They are priceless, that's for sure!

  3. children certainly make our day!!! This is why I love them so much!!!

  4. Me too, Lottie! They give us the priceless gifts of love freely given, and the wonder of seeing the world through their young eyes. Thank God for the joy of children in our lives!


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