Friday, July 3, 2015


"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. 
There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, 
for the old order of things has passed away."
Revelation: 21:4

The God of Every Grief…

My heart stopped beating yesterday
So why does the earth still spin today?
I don’t want to eat, or laugh or play.
Somebody rock me, hold me, take the pain away.

Why doesn’t the sun stop shining for you
The way it has for me?
Why is everyone still smiling
Pretending they don’t see?

Why are the moon and the stars
Still dancing in the sky?
Aren't they brokenhearted
Knowing you have died?

Loving you and losing you
Has left its mark on me.
A stranger in a foreign land
Is what I seem to be.

I sought to be comforted
And couldn’t find relief
Until I poured my heart out
To the God of Every Grief.

He sat with me, He wept with me.
 He joined me in my pain.
He smiled at me that tender smile,
And called me by my name.

He doesn’t need me to pretend
As many others do.
In His love and kindness to me,
In the depth of my grief, I knew.

Grief is an ache all over
That only God can heal.
He gently took my mask away
And allowed me to be real.

 He stepped into the mine field 
Exploding with my grief,
He cradled my face to look in His
 To find such sweet relief.

 I want to believe His promise
 To wipe away every tear.
Oh, Jesus, help me trust You
 When you whisper "do not fear…"

Until the day I see your face again,
I have decided to entrust you
To the One Who promises to keep us all, 
To hold us 'til the end.

Until that day, 
My dearest dear,
 I trust you 
To my Friend…

Note:  This is an original piece written by me in memory of my dear brother, Pat, who went home to be with the Lord recently.  Lovingly dedicated to Pat, and to all those whose hearts are broken by the loss of a loved one.  He will wipe away every tear...