Monday, February 11, 2013

Whatever is Pure...

“Finally, brothers and sisters,
whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right, 
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy
think about such things.” 
Phillipians 4:8  NIV

“Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep… “   Remembering that sweet, child’s prayer, I am laying down the burdens of the day along with my weary bones, seeking from the Lord a good night’s rest.  This day has been long and my mind is full of pictures I would rather erase.  Written in red permanent marker on my heart, I find it hard to escape the visual replay and the tape recorded messages running through my mind.  In a fit of rage that knows no boundaries and bows to no god but self, we fling our stony words about as if they are landing on steel poles that have no feelings and bear no scars.
The problem is, we are flesh and blood persons, with hearts that break and bleed and carry the scars for a lifetime.  What are we doing when we disregard the boundaries of kindness with our words and throw them to the wind, not caring where they land or how they wound?  We were made in the image of our God, tenderhearted and pure, seeking always the best in each of us and not willing to tolerate evil.  We were never made to hear or speak the vile, often, cruel verbal attacks that erupt all around us in today's world.  I wonder, if unkind words can wound us so deeply, what do they do to the heart of God, who is the very essence of Love?
We live in a time when anything goes, and that includes what we speak.  Verbal abuse is rampant.  It is laughed at on T.V. programs, as if degrading another person, made in the image of God, is an entertaining sport.  And yet, there is something so deeply ingrained in our spirit that, I believe, hiding beneath the false façade of toughness to the point of brutality, we long for something better.  We are instinctively drawn to the loving kindness of the Lord.  He keeps seeking us, drawing us, reminding us, that we are made for something better.  We are made for Him.
As I seek His face at the end of a difficult day, I pray this simple prayer.  “Lord, tell me something good, tell me something true, tell me something pure, tell me something lovely, tell me something worthy of praise… Tell me that You love me.  Tell me that You understand.  Tell me about Jesus…”




  1. As usual your words strike home for me. Very, very powerful. Thank you Maureen for being a beacon of light in my life. I am so incredibly lucky to not only know you but to have you as my special sister and beautiful friend!!

    1. Thank you, Honey. You are a treasure to me, always. I love you. <3<3<3

  2. So very true. That is one of the best passages in scripture, though not always easy to maintain in the mind, where the battles wage. Translating that to our speech is exactly what I needed reinforced. Your posts are always so timely, even if I don't get to them right away. They are always right on God's timing for me to read. He has been dealing with me lately on my speech and how horrible it is in regards to being critical. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Hi, Shannon - So good to hear from you! I am not able to write as often as I like right now - I'm hoping that will change soon. You are so right, the battle is in the mind before it ever reaches our mouth or our hands. I absolutely love this scripture. It places the bar so high above what we encounter in our culture today, doesn't it?! But, that is the beauty and power of God and His Word - what He call us to, He gives us the grace to accomplish. This is an area of constant challenge and growth for me. But, also, when I am catch myself and choose to obey this in my life, there is a peace and a comfort that is transforming!! So worth the effort!! :))


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