Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Heartbreak of God...

"Jesus wept..."
John 11:35

Where did you go?

Why did you leave?

Didn't you know I loved you?

Didn't you hear Me calling out to you?

I was pounding on the door,
begging you to open it and let me in.

I wanted to come in and comfort you.

I loved everything about you. 

I had so many dreams I dreamed for you so long ago.

I held you in my hand the day that you were born.

I laughed with you at the wonder of every little miracle I sent
to encourage you along the way.

I wept bitterly when you believed the lie 
that you didn't matter to anyone.

You mattered to Me, My child. 
You mattered to Me...

I screamed at you to turn around and see Me
standing right beside you.

I ran in front of you, begging you to stop...

I was standing right there. 
Loving you. 
Loving you. 
 Loving you...

I never stopped loving you...
Written in loving memory of a sweet young man who gave up on life when it was just beginning
in recognition that God weeps with us over the loss of hope that leads to the tragedy of suicide.