Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Crooked Places...

Crooked Places in my heart
The stones and thorns are everywhere
They hurt me, they cut me
They own me, you know...

There is one that cuts me so deep
Each time I step on it, I weep.
It's been there forever and there it will stay
Unless, do you think there's another way?

Hoping to find the narrow way,
I heard it is the one to seek.
But mountains too high to climb
Surround my heart and laugh at me.

A mountain of anger I keep in my heart
Don't ask me why we do not part.
I planted it there so long ago
I want to leave it, but can't let go...

The stones I trip on everywhere.
They are so deep in my heart
I've lost my way.
I pick them up to throw them out
And put them back for another day.

The stones are really my pets you know
I call them by name and keep them for show.
They are really little trophies of  battles I have lost
They have no value, but oh, how much they cost.

They cost me my peace.
They cost me my joy.
They cost me all hope.
They cost me my friends.
They cost me my children.
They cost me my Savior, my Jesus, my Friend...

Oh Jesus, come, oh come to me,
Smooth out the places that keep me in chains.
I beg You Lord Jesus, remove from my heart,
The mountains that keep me from finding my way.

Level the crooked paths of my heart.
 Make my way clear, narrow and straight,
Help me prepare a place for You, Jesus.
That my heart overflows with your beauty and grace.

I love Thee Lord, Jesus,
I need you today.
I cling to You, Jesus, 
Keep me, I pray.

I am a little sheep,
Eyed by the wolves to soon be their prey.
I wander and trifle with going their way.
Keep me, oh, keep me,
Oh keep me, I pray.

You are the truth
the life
and the way.
I trust You, Lord Jesus.,
To keep me today...

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