Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Plastic Gods...

"Take heed that you be not deceived..." Luke 21:8

I stopped into a church today.
They were singing and shouting Alleluia's all around.
I wondered, was it God that they were praising?
Was it God that I had found?

Did anyone hear me screaming? Did anyone see my pain?
I'm so desperately in need of Him; I cannot play a game.
I'm laying down my victories, so empty in the end.
I'm a sinner lost and broken down. I seek the sinner's Friend.

Does He really touch lepers, heal the blind and love the lame?
I thought just now I heard Him calling out my name!
Is it true that He searches for sinners just like me?
Does He really have the power to set the captives free?

Do you know Him? Has He found you, forgiven all your sins?
Is He with you in the storm and in the midst of all your pain?
I have felt the breath of Satan, heard Him laughing at my door.
He swore that he'd destroy me, that Jesus couldn't save me anymore.

But far away, I heard a voice,
Calling me and wooing me, giving me a choice,
He says He knows me through and through and loves me anyway!
There's the Sweetest Spirit coming close!  He stole my heart today!

Overcome by Mercy, bowed down by His grace,
I seek the One Who died for me – can I find Him in this place?
I am the apple of His eye! He told me so, you know!
He said He left the 99 and searched for me alone!

I don't need a God who demands of me perfection.
I need a God who understands the depth of my rejection.
I need a God who promises to walk along with me,
Who knows about my suffering.

I don't want to serve a plastic god who looks and sounds like Santa Claus.
I need a God who bleeds with me, who joins me in my suffering.
Please set me free from plastic gods, and bless me with reality.
Come to me and rescue me. Sweet Jesus, join me in my suffering.

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  1. I really, really, really like this one. It is so true to depict a hurting person walking into a church and feeling almost more uncomfortable, when it should be the other way around.

    Have you ever read any of Sheila Walsh's books? She is one of my unknown mentors, so to speak. She's struggled with a lot of the same issues I have (rejection, perfectionism, anxiety). I never knew her when she was on tv (700 Club) but have read several of her books since she went through counseling and a stay at a Christian Psych Ward. Anyway, this poem reminds me a lot about how she describes many churches...hurting people are expected to paste a fake smile on their faces and pretend that everything's alright.


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