Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Precious Than Diamonds...

"For I know Whom I have believed
and am persuaded that He is able
to keep that which I have entrusted to Him
until that Day..."
2 Timothy 1:12   NKJV

Is there anything in your life for which you would lay down your life? There are few things in life that most of us would count that precious. But, in my life there are at least five. More precious than diamonds, the Lord has entrusted to me, from His storehouse of treasures, five irreplaceable jewels. Make no mistake about it, I am jealous for them, as He, Himself, is. They are my grandchildren. I am jealous for them, indeed. I have planted the banner of the Kingdom of Christ over them. Of all that I hold dear in life, nothing matters to me more.

Of the many prayers I have prayed in my lifetime, there are some prayers I never stop praying. They are for my grandchildren.  As I look around the world we live in, to be honest, I fear for them.  More and more, the world seems to be hurtling headlong toward self-destruction. 

The boundaries that were traditionally taught and respected in our society have been ripped to shreds and thrown out like yesterday's garbage. There are no boundaries. Do whatever you like. Who can say there's anything wrong with it? The idea that God is the One Who defines the boundaries and the One Who will hold us accountable is considered obsolete – laughable in our schools and news media.

The list goes on and on. Atheism is now extolled. Only fools believe in a Supreme Being. As a parent and grandparent, I watch with horror as the evidence of moral decay slithers across the T.V. screen nightly: murder on a grand scale, dubbed “terrorism”; sexual exploitation of innocent women and children in sex slave trade; killing of the innocent unborn, justified as a “woman's right”, mass re-location and persecution of Christians for their faith; economic collapse of the world markets, including our own; “wars and rumors of wars” abound.

What are we to make of the frightening signs of moral decay and collapse that are all around us? I have had my share of panic attacks considering the horrors of the “godless” world my grandchildren stand to inherit. But, recently, the Lord calmed my fearful heart with a vision of what He sees for my grandchildren. He asked me many questions, and, like Job, I was humbled to acknowledge, I am not God.  He is.  Here is some of what I recall from my midnight meeting with the Lord.

“What makes you think that I have left them on their own to cope with all of this? Are college dormitories and school classrooms beyond my reach? Do you really think there is any place where My Spirit is unable to go? Because they have posted a “no prayer allowed sign”, do you think I obey that? I move on the hearts of men, women and children, whenever I please, wherever I please. I AM the Creator, not the creature – I AM ABLE to overcome what needs to be overcome.”

“Do you think when they falter in their faith, I won't be there to bring them through? Do you think I never anticipated the world they would grow up in? Are you imagining that I am surprised by all of this? I have planned everything for them. I have fashioned them for My glory. There is nothing I don't know about in their future. Did you imagine that I wouldn't be there because you won't?”

“If I call them to suffer for Me, would you take that from them? You do not know the crown of glory I have planned for them to wear. Step back, let go and release them to me. Before and after they belong to you, they belong to Me.”

“You are not God in their lives. I AM. They will face trials you  know nothing about. Stand as the watchman on the wall. Pray. While the enemy encamps around them, they stand in the need of prayer. Carry them to me in prayer. Whatever it takes to get to Me, do it. Lower them to Me through the roof. And stand and see the salvation of the Lord...”

For my grandchildren and yours. Let us pray...


  1. I know exactly what you mean . I , too , am fearful especially for my own daughter . What will happen to her if I die now ? Even Linda has the same fears . It's not death we fear but the uncertainty concerning our loved ones . Good post Maureen.

  2. Lottie - It is scary, isn't it? I am repeatedly brought back to the issue of trusting God with what matters to me most in life - my children and my grandchildren. It is humbling to accept that we are not in charge and never were! Counting on my God to answer the prayers I have prayed for them, no matter how long it takes... He is faithful and able to do everything He has promised He will do...

  3. What a powerful post about God's sovereignty. The fact that He is all-powerful and able to save those who are oblivious to Him. And, how often is that me? You mention something in this post that my pastor just mentioned on Sunday...we are for His glory.

  4. Shannon - I love that! Amazing that our God, perfect, holy, almighty God, chooses us to be His glory!


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