Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Riding the Tiger...

"Let the weak say,
I am strong..."
Joel 3:10

Holding on for dear life
To the throat of the tiger
He keeps trying to eat me
If I let him go, he has me
If I hold on tight, he has me
He keeps trying to eat me
I'm scared
I'm terrified
I'm giddy
I'm ready to give up
He's getting ready to eat me
I wish I could get off his back
I don't know how
What am I afraid of?
What if I lose?
What if I die?
It will all be over
Before I'm ready to get off.

I must remember...

I love the thrill of riding the tiger
I love the adventure
I love the journey
I love the challenge
I love the opportunity
I love unpredictable life
I love the joy of the ride
I love twirling in the wind
I love the screeching and the squeals
I love the shear beauty of the tiger beneath me.

I love the life You give me today
I love writing on a blank page
I love drawing a picture only I can see
I love dancing to the music I hear
I love dreaming dreams that are forbidden
I love creating something from nothing
I love all the possibilities
I love waking up in the morning full of promise
I love the evening sunset
I love the day drawing to a close
I love crawling into bed at the end of a hard day
I love that I found You.
Beautiful, beautiful YOU!


  1. I'm confused...I was thinking the tiger was going to be a metaphor for sin or Satan because you were afraid of dying, it kept trying to eat you. Then, you spoke of the beauty of the tiger and its strength. What am I missing? I'm sure it's glaringly obvious, right?

  2. Sorry if I confused you! I wrote this free form, stream of consciousness, based on an exercise I'm doing in a book called "The Artists Way". Basically, you just let the thoughts present themselves on the paper without editing or "judging". I just had fun with it.

    No the tiger doesn't represent Satan or the devil! It represents life. I am saying life is scary - sometimes terrifying, sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes brings us to a place where we want to give up, get off, end it. Life can sometimes feel like it is devouring "eating us" alive!

    There is a transition between the terror and fears of life to the other side of the coin, where we remember that, while life (the tiger) can be overwhelming and, even terrifying, there is also an exhilaration and thrill in meeting the challenges that lie before us. Without that mitigating understanding of life, we would give up.

    Life is like riding a tiger. It is wild, scary, thrilling, challenging, a tremendous ride. But, we do need the courage to face it with all of its terror, joy, beauty and potential for victory. Life is much, much bigger and tougher than I would have imagined it to be when I was young. But, it has been in the struggles, the "almost can't go on" moments, that I have turned in desperation to the One who has consistently brought me through to victory. Without Him, I would have gotten off "the tiger" a long time ago.

    I don't know if it's a good thing that you weren't able to follow the ideas or that they made you think! The jury is still out on that one!

    Thanks for asking, Shannon!

  3. By the way, just for clarity, it was MY fault if my writing was unclear to the reader! Like I said, I was trying out a new form of writing. It was fun for me to do, but, if it is too muddled for the reader to follow, it probably isn't a good writing style! :))

  4. I got it right away...life is like riding a tiger or a roller coaster....and yes it IS a good thing that you make us think!! I LOVE your writing (in every form) please don't ever stop!!!


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