Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Remember...


I remember you 
before you can remember yourself!

I remember 
praying for you 
when you were no bigger than a dot inside your mother.

I remember 
sitting in the waiting room with your uncle, 
waiting for your birth.
Wasn't that just yesterday?

I remember 
watching your daddy, 
overcome by the miracle of you.

I remember 
watching your mother 
fall in love with you instantly.

I remember 
the very first time I saw you,
 five minutes after your birth.

I remember 
you, age three, 
posing for the camera everywhere we went. 
 You were a ham even then!

I remember 
you, curling up beside me on Christmas Eve, 
telling me about your dreams for college.

I remember 
not wanting you to leave, 
and then, all at once, 
catching your excitement to be going, 
running joyfully into life.

I remember 
looking at you, 
full of beauty and poise, 
a gift to everyone you meet.

I remember 
you returning from Europe 
in your third year of college, 
undeniably a woman who has traveled more than I ever will.

I remember 
you sharing with me 
that it was the experience of 
visiting the little house 
that was the hiding place of Ann Frank, 
that touched you more deeply 
than anything else you saw in Europe.

I remember 
that God has gifted you to be a blessing 
to many beyond my little door. 
 I see the colors and shapes of those blessings 
beginning to erupt all over you.

I remember 
that you are part of a generation 
that is coming into its own, 
and I am part of a generation 
that is going home.

I remember 
that no matter how far away from me 
you pitch your tent, 
you are a part of me.

I remember 
that there are just so few things in life 
that will ever measure up 
to the blessing of you in my life.

I remember 
that the same God who blessed me with you, 
holds onto you still.

I remember 
that I will never stop 
loving you, 
praying for you, 
thanking God for you.

I remember 
the treasure of you...

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