Friday, April 5, 2013

Where Are the Other Nine...?

Jesus asked, "Were not all ten cleansed?"
Luke 17:17

This painful question, posed to the only leper who thought enough to return to Jesus to thank Him for healing him, paints a poignant picture of our Savior's humanity, as He expresses the very real disappointment He felt when only one of ten returned to thank Him for answering their cries for healing. 
Jesus so loved being human that one of His favorite titles for Himself, was "Son of Man"!  I think He delighted in being part of us!  He laughed, He cried, He hurt, He felt the sting of disappointment in His followers and the pain of being taken for granted. He knew many followed Him, not for who He was, but, for what many wanted to "get from Him".  Once they had their needs met, they moved on never to look back at the face of Jesus, even long enough to say "thanks".
As I looked around me today, I realized I could be counted among the nine that left, jumping for joy in their new leprous-free, soft and beautifully tender skin, freshly bestowed on them by their Savior, never pausing to thank the One who met their deepest need, and answered their desperate prayer. 
If Jesus' love language is words of appreciation, some of us may be leaving Him starving for affection.  In keeping with that jarring realization, here are a few things He has blessed me with recently that deserve a loving and tender "Thank You, Lord.  You have touched me again and again with your healing grace and your extravagant generosity.  I love you, soooooo."
He has sent the Springtime to light on my doorstep and shine through my window.
He has surrounded me with His beauty, everywhere I look.
He has provided for me beyond my wildest expectations, surprising me again and again with gifts I never expected to receive. 
He has filled me up with joy that has taken me by surprise in the midst of a difficult situation. 
He has drawn me close and lifted my head when I felt the sting of shame and rejection. 
He has smiled at me when I most needed to see a smile.
He has forgiven me seventy times seven million.  I have truly lost count of His kindnesses to me.
He has laughed with me, cried with me, mourned with me, encouraged me, lovingly chided me, called me back to Him, never, ever forgotten me. 
He knows my name.
He has healed me of wounds and sickness that I never thought could be healed. 
He has never given up on me.
He has promised to stay with me all the way home.
He has made me His own.
For these and so much more, thank you Jesus.  You are everything to me...


  1. I just finished Moses with my Sunday School Class and one thing for sure , this reminds me of Moses' people ....never happy , never satisfied , never thankful . I kept telling the kids that this is how we act majority of the time. We could so understand this group .

  2. Yes, I have to agree, Lottie! Moses had his hands full with his "stiff-necked" and ungrateful people! I have to remind myself again and again, no matter what I think I don't have that I MUST have, God has been incredibly generous to me in ways I can no longer count. Why do we take the gift and, so often, ignore the Giver...?


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