Monday, April 29, 2013

Matilda Rasberry...

Just because...
I love you...

I adopted an eight year old cat from an Animal Shelter recently. If she hadn’t been adopted, she would not have lived much longer...

 When she first came to live with me she had a name that didn't fit her, so I changed it to something I like better. When my granddaughter, Ella, saw her, she wanted to be part of naming her, so, together, we chose a name we love for her. It is beautiful and playful, both qualities she has in abundance. 

When she first came to live in my house, she kept crying at the door trying to get out to go "back" to wherever she had come from. I don't know her story before she came to me. I just know I found her in a place that would not have been good for her to stay - it would not have sustained her life. So, "just because" I decided I loved her, I paid the price and rescued her. I brought her home with me to have a brand new life... 

She has been "chosen" "set free" and "born again" in my house. I even went home before she came to live with me and I "prepared a place for her" that "where I am, she will be also..." 

To me, this is a very sweet reminder of God's love for us, in the story of a discarded kitty-cat, left to die - too old to be chosen, too helpless to save herself.   I love it!  

Here is the story of what I learned from "Matilda Rasberry" when she came to live with me!

Let your Master give you a new name to fit your “born again” life! Thank Him again and again that He “makes all things new," especially, YOU!

Remember that you were rescued from certain death by the love of your Redeemer. For no other reason but that He saw you, He loved you and He paid the price in full for you. You belong to Him…

Don’t keep looking back trying to get back to where you once were. You have been given a new life – jump in with all four feet! (Or, however many the Master has given YOU!)

You are never too old or too far gone to be saved by your Redeemer King. He, and He alone, has the power to set you free…

You may think you are the Queen of all you survey, but, think again, little one.  You couldn't make it a single day without the Lord of the Universe who has provided all things for you, just because, He loves you.  Put yourself in the proper place before Him - at his feet, not over His head.

Curl up very close to your Redeemer and get to know His voice. When you hear him at the door, drop everything you are doing and RUN to Him as fast as your paws will carry you!

Remember who you were created to be! Don’t sneak around, pretending to be something you are not. You are something special because of Who it is that loves you! Leave the dogs to the dogs. You are better than all that!

Pounce off the couch at the start of a new day. Give yourself a good stretch and throw yourself all in. There are birds to stalk, sunbeams to catch, spiders to hunt and a Master to please… You only have nine lives to live. Get on with it!!

Walk with your tail held high. The Lord of the Universe has chosen you!

At the end of the day, climb up on your Master’s lap and bask in His presence. He is everything you will ever need…


  1. You got a cat ! I'm so glad . This story so reminds me of when Emily got her Diamond . They even resemble each other . Good for you. Love the name , too.

  2. Thanks, Lottie! Cats do rule, don't they? She struts around the house like she owns it and she always has! Toooooo funny! She is a lot of fun, so I am very glad we found each other. The best part of it all was watching my little granddaughter wrap her up in a pink blanket and pet her while she went to sleep. I don't know who loved it more - Matilda Rasberry, Ella Bella or me...!


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