Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sing Over Me...

"...And He will quiet me with His love.
He will sing over me with rejoicing."
Zephaniah 3:17

It's morning.  I see the sun bursting through the windows, touching everything in its path with fingers of gold.  The cat stretches and meows a good morning greeting to be sure I am roused enough to fill her food dish.  Time to get on with the day. 

Awakening to the dawn, I realize there are some things left over from yesterday that need to be finished today.  At the top of the list is a phone call I must make that I have been dreading.  I know I cannot put it off any longer.  The time is now.  Lifting the phone reluctantly, I am aware of a growing anxiety creeping up my spine, filling my entire body with an unwelcomed and uninvited guest.  Anxiety is taking over my world, shutting out the stunning beauty of the morning that has broken out all over my tiny apartment.  All I can see is the tentacles of the hand of panic that has me in its grip. 

I dial the phone and wait to hear the voice of the person I am calling, convinced that my call will be unwelcome and unreceived.  Suddenly, she is on the phone, engaging me in a sweet and gentle voice of welcome, blowing apart all of my preconceived certainties about how she would respond to my call.  She shocks me with her understanding of the situation I am bringing to her.  She assures me of her confidence in me and graciously encourages me to continue on the course I am on, with her blessing.  I am blown away...

As I am listening to the reassurance of this lovely lady on the other end of the phone, something begins to run through my mind - a scripture I have heard so often that I have come to know it by heart...  Something about "He will quiet you with His love - He will sing over you with JOY!"  I am suddenly, immediately, breathtakingly, in the presence of The Lord.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that He is there with me.  He has prepared this woman for my phone call.  He has paved the way.  He went before me, He is sitting in my living room at this moment, and He will go after me...  "Surely His uncommon Goodness and Mercy will follow me, all the days of my life..."  Ps. 23:6

He is teaching me to trust Him, day by day, minute by minute.  He is calming me, He is loving me, He is changing me.  By the sheer weight and glory of His presence and His love.  I am amazed by this God who never fails to surprise me with His tender, loving care for me when I have decided, once again, that I am on my own in this world, and I can't take another step.  He is there.  He is all over me.  He is the essence of love unspeakable and full of glory.  He transforms every inch of who I am.  He is the source of everything good, and lovely, and beautiful.  He is the Sunshine bursting through the  windows.  He is the God I love and the God I worship.  Oh, Lord, You're beautiful...


  1. As I read this , I felt joy in your joy. I'm so glad that phonecall went so well . Love you.

    1. Thanks, Lottie! I read something recently about joy that rang so true in my heart. It was that life's trials and pain are so heavy and so overwhelming sometmes, we can only bear them with the deep, deep, knowledge of the Presence of God. When we turn to Him, and look for Him, even in the deepest pain, we find Him there for us. And that is the source and essence of any joy we have in life. I love that, don't you?!


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