Thursday, September 4, 2014

God of Everything...

Amazing Grace...

Are you the God of everything?
Or just the big important things?
Do you care when nothing goes right for me,
When I feel alone and no one sees?

Do you hear me when I curse and scream
Not caring what you think of me?
Do you turn away and shake your head
And wish that you could just forget

My name, my face, my everything?

Or do you know me inside out and upside down
Dressed in rags or in a crown?
Do you have your regrets
And I am one of them?

Or do you stoop to pick me up
And carry me when I can’t take another step?
Are you the One I’m looking for
When I have gone to bed and locked the door?

When I have given up on life
And want to die.
Are you the One who calls my name
Are you the One who takes my hand?

Are you the One I can’t forget
Are you the One whose voice I hear
Speaking my name, calling to me
With love that melts away my fear?

Are you the One who understands
What no one knows or even cares?
Are you the One
Who cries with me

When life no longer makes any sense?
When the price I paid
 Is much too much
When I no longer feel your touch?

They stole all that mattered to me today
And murdered my heart for all to see.
They laughed and laughed and laughed at me
Like so much garbage, they hated me.

Or was it you?
Are you the One they hate to see?

Are you the One,
Who won’t let go?
Who loves me when I don't love you
And forgives the unforgiveable.

I don’t understand you.
I only know
I need you, Lord
I need you now.

I need to know that you are there
When life is black and so unfair
I need to know that you won’t leave
When I lock the door and bury the key.

When life overcomes me
With grief I can’t bear
I just need to know

That you’re still there…


This is a poem for all who are hurting tonight and for whom the light seems to have gone out. Especially for the parents of James Foley and Steven Sotloff.  And all who have lost children who have been taken too soon and for whom the pain is too much to bear.  May God comfort you and draw you very close and may you feel His love all over you...

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