Tuesday, December 16, 2014

There is a River...

"He who believes in Me,
Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water..."

John 7:38

I sat me down and talked with me
I told me everything that needed to be said

I forgot to even go to bed!

I wanted to say the important things
The things that no one else has said,
About the world this Christmas time.

What is good and right and fine.

Under all the silly things,
Even the brutal, ugly things,

There’s a river of kindness
That flows for me, for you,

For all of us that need to know.

There’s a river of kindness that washes me
That satisfies my thirsty soul.

I just want to put a toe in the water
And see how it feels,

To wash away all my sin and my fears.

I so want to go deeper
In this river of love.

I want to know where it comes from
And where does it go?

I want to jump in with never a care
And let it cover my feet to my hair!

I just want to swim in it up to my ears
I want it to wash away all of my tears.

River of kindness, of extravagant love
Wash me all over with Grace from above.

Make me all over this Christmas Day.

God of the River of Kindness and Love,
Come to me, stay with me,

Always, I pray...