Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catching Fireflies in a Jar...

Let your little light shine...

Remember when we chased the pretty little dancing bugs
With flashlights on their backsides?! 
Remember how we giggled and ran to catch them
When they lit up the evening sky?

Remember how we took them prisoners
And kept them in a jar?
When I look back with grown-up eyes,
I wonder at the fireflies I captured in a jar.

Are you one of my fireflies, lighting up the sky?
Did you fly by me on a dark and starless night?
Did you land upon my finger and twinkle all your light?

Did you call your firefly buddies to dance and twist and shout?
Did you give up your life for me, to be my little beauty
When all the stars went out?

Without your light you are just a dreary little bug,
No-one would even notice, no one would ever hug.

Without the flashing light you carry on your back,
We’d never care to hunt you down and put you in our sack.

It’s the light, it’s the light, the beautiful, magical, light!
Where did you get that beauty, it’s such a lovely sight!

The dance I dance and the light I light,
In the starless sky, on the blackest night,

Is a love note from my Creator, sent especially to you,
To remind you that He’s always there,

When all the stars go out…

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