Monday, November 19, 2012

Suffer the Little Children...

"To come unto Me...

Our children and grandchildren so deeply need our prayers.  They are growing up in a world that often mocks God, refuses to bend the knee to honor Him, blasphemes His Name, heaps scorn upon His law, and hates the Person of Jesus Christ.  The moral underpinnings of our society are crumbling.  

When God is mocked, if His people are silent, if they fail to pray, children are often the first victims of a world spinning wildly out of control.

And do not forbid them...

When I look around me at what is happening, I shudder to think what my children and grandchildren may face in the future.  I want to put a protective tent around them to keep them safe.  But, then I hear the Lord shaking me out of my stupor.  They don't need my protection. They need His.  

I hear Him telling me to put away my sentimental longings, steady my trembling legs, and get on with the business at hand.  He is looking for those who will stand at the gate and watch.  And then pray.  It is not enough just to watch and sound the alarm.  Prayer is urgently needed. Intercession on behalf of His people is the work of all of us who love our God, our children, our grandchildren, and our world.  

For of such...

is the Kingdom of Heaven...

And He laid His hands on them...
He reminded me repeatedly this week that it is not just my children that need prayer, but children all over the world. Children of France, England, Saudi Arabia, India, Africa, South America, Australia, China, Sweden, Scotland, Russia... The list is endless. The millions and millions of children in this world have the eye and the ear of Our God. Every single one of them is priceless to Him. How then can we neglect to pray for them?
and blessed them..."
Matthew 19:14,15

Lord forgive us for so often choosing to be so narrow in our focus.  For looking only on our own needs and failing to see a hurting and needy world.  Lord, Our God, Creator of every child born under the sun, teach us to pray.  Break our hearts, Abba, Father, for what breaks yours... 

Here are some children I know that need our prayers.  I would love it if you would leave a comment with the name of a child or children you know who need our prayers.  

Children who are suffering through the divorce of their parents.
Children who are being abused.
Children who are being neglected.
Children growing up in crippling poverty all over the world.
Children who are being sold into slavery by their parents.
Children who are brutally maimed.
Children who fear for their lives.
Children who are victimized and targeted by terrorists.
Children used to commit war crimes against their own parents.
Children aborted before they have a chance to live.
Children abandoned by their parents.
Children growing up in homes that mock God.
Children growing up without hope.
Children born with physical and mental handicaps.
Children who are living in war torn countries all over the world.
Children who are bullied.
Children who never hear about Jesus.
Children who are taught to believe in lies.
Children who are all alone and afraid.
Children who are used in sex trafficking.
Children who live on the streets of countries like Romania.
Children who have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling through sudden death or illness.

Also, for my own grandchildren, Erin, Bree, Maddie, Kayla and Ella.  For their eternal salvation...

Please add the names of children you would like us to pray for...


  1. It is sad to think that many of the types of children you mention will grow into adults and continue the cycle of treating children wrongly. This world is definitely hurting and in desperate need of wholeness through God's healing touch.

    Jesus probably stressed the importance of children because he knows how impressionable they are. Pour into them goodness, and goodness will flow out. Abuse, degrade, and neglect them, and more likely than not, the same will flow out eventually. What a responsibility as adults, huh?

    1. I believe with all my heart that God is more than able to heal the effects of abuse in a child's life. That is the healing power of God in our lives to overcome sin in any form that it may take. But, I also believe that this is partly why God calls His people to storm heaven on behalf of these children, none of whom He is willing to lose. Yes, Shannon - a huge responsibility that I believe we will answer for at the Judgment Seat of Christ. The responsibility to care, to pray and to go the extra mile for the children of the world is a powerful call and an enormous privilege. Who knows what children might be rescued from the fire because we prayed...?

  2. So very true , Maureen . I'm constantly praying for my two and my grandchildren . . . . the ones that are here and any future ones .

    1. It is a great comfort to know that God hears our prayers and NEVER forgets them, long after we usually have. Joining you, dear friend, in lifting our children and their children up to God for His mighty blessing...

    2. Today, the news carried a heartbreaking story of a little 13 year old girl, shot dead on her school bus on the way to school at 6:45 in the morning. She was killed in front of her little 7 year old sister. This happened in Florida - not in some war torn country. I have not been able to get these children out of my mind today. Please pray for the parents of these two children who have to bury one child and try to comfort the other, who must be traumatized more than we can imagine. These precious children of God are victims of exactly what I was writing about in this post - a world swinging wildly out of control. God help us to care...


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