Saturday, November 5, 2011

Into the Fire...

One of the amazing things about looking at the world from my 'virtual front porch' is that I can see not just across the street, but all the way around the world. I can see the little girl in Africa dying from starvation. I can see the family in Japan, desperately searching for comfort after the loss of their home and loved ones. I can see men losing the battle to provide for their families because of poverty that we cannot even imagine. I can see mothers weeping for children who have died before they saw their first birthday. I can see children abandoned to the streets to fend for themselves, never having had the opportunity to go to a Sunday School class to learn about Jesus. I can see missionaries who have left it all for the love of Jesus Christ.

I can see innocent believers, suffering for their faith; little girls kidnapped and raped because of their christian beliefs; mothers and fathers beaten, tortured and imprisoned – even murdered, simply because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I can see believers like you and me coming together for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is amazing technology. In less than a month of writing this blog, I have been connected to people who live well beyond the borders of 'my front porch', and amazingly, well beyond the geographical boundaries of my country.

I believe God is doing something far beyond anything you or I could ever imagine. I believe He wants to use every means available to reach the lost, while there is yet time, for the hour is late, indeed.

Today, I am posting a video of persecuted believers around the globe. For many of us, reading about persecution from the safety of our living rooms, it is hard to believe what is happening to people simply because of their faith. But for those who are living through the horrors of persecution, let there be no illusion – persecution is real. As members of the Body of Christ, bound together with our suffering brothers and sisters around the world, we are called to 'remember those in chains' for the sake of the Gospel. It is our great privilege to stand with them in their hour of need. I believe God is calling us to take our place at the wailing wall and cry out to Him for mercy on us and on this broken and bruised world that needs Him desperately.

Once a week, I will be highlighting a different area of the world where believers are suffering for the cause of Christ. If you have suffered for the Gospel, or if you know someone who has, please leave a comment so we can pray for you. Let's not hesitate to use every tool God gives us to connect to one another. The world is His and He is ours. All to the Glory of God.

Please remember to pray for those who are tortured, burned alive, beaten and murdered for the sake of the Gospel. May God comfort them in their trials and strengthen them for the fire. May He give them the grace to endure. And may we be faithful to stand with them in prayer. For the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 13:2

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the Body also...”


  1. This really puts things in perspective. I thought I was having a bad day....

  2. That's so true, Patty! It's so humbling to realize what the rest of the world is going through. Sometimes, we just have NO clue...

  3. It's really sad that humans are capable of doing this to other humans simply because of what they believe. I fear that after living in the comforts of America I may fall to the temptation of denying Him if faced with torture. To me, the people in the video are true followers of Christ that us in America can learn a lot from.

  4. Shannon - Yes, I fear the same. In America, the church seems to be so soft and mushy. We have prayer meetings and no one comes! We seem to be more colored by the culture than the culture is by us! All while the rest of the christian world is suffering unbelievable atrocities for Christ. I think God is sending us a wake up call. Question is - are we listening? We so need to pray for our suffering brothers and sisters. And for each other that we will be faithful, no matter the cost...


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