Sunday, November 13, 2011

Consider the Lilies...

Little bird, stop singing!
Have you nothing else to do?
He flapped his feathers over me
and flew from roof to roof.

I have other things to do, he said
But nothing I like more,
Than to sing my little heart out
For the Father I adore!

The flowers in the meadows
Danced around in glee
Yes, they said in unison,
With my whole heart, I agree!

He clothes us in the finest cloth
That anyone can buy.
He feeds us til we're full inside
And we never wonder why...

For He loves us! Yes, He told us so
And we take Him at His Word!
He said He will take care of us -
To not believe Him is absurd!

Well, said I, that's fine for you,
But I have much that I must do.
I have no time for silly things
Like singing and dancing
And flapping my wings.

Why, I must work so hard
I worry every day.
What would become of me
If I trusted and obeyed?

For I have to provide for me, you know,
I have to make my way,
My food, my clothes, my very life
Are in my hands today.

Oh, said the singing birds
and the dancing lilies too,
Don't you know your Heavenly Father
Has provided all for you?

Said they to me,
You have no need to worry.
You have no need to cry.
For Abba Father told us,
YOU are the Apple of His Eye...!

Scripture Reference: Matthew 6: 25-30

...Consider the lilies of the field...”


  1. Did you write this? I love it!

  2. Thank you, Patty! Yes, I wrote it. I love to play around with very simple, child-like poems! This was a lot of fun for me to do!


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