Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Billions of years ago, before the beginning of time, I dreamed a dream of you! How precious you were to Me, from the moment I first saw you in the corner of My eye! I have pictures of you, my little one, plastered all over the walls of heaven! The angels always tease Me that you seem to be My favorite! I'm not denying anything to them! You own My heart, my child. For you, I paid it all...

I remember the day I chose your name! Oh, yes, it was I that chose the perfect name for you! That is the right of a Daddy! I didn't need a name book! I knew exactly who you were long before you were born. You are beautiful, my precious child, a Miracle from Me! I let your parents pick a name for you while you are on the earth. But, when you come to live with Me, I will call you by that special name I have for you - My baby, My own.  Until then, I often call you Treasured, for so you are to Me!

I spent many hours choosing from the rainbow the color of your eyes, your hair, your beautiful skin. I knew how tall I would let you grow, where you would be born and when. I remember the first time I saw you smile! I called the angels in to brag on you! I tickled your tummy and threw you in the air – your giggles filled the night with laughter – the most beautiful of all music on heaven or on earth!

I was so very proud of you, my little one! So dear to Me were you, that I struggled to let you go. It is not an easy thing for a Papa to give His dearest child to someone else to raise. The angels all surrounded Me and begged me to keep you there. I will admit, for one brief moment, I did consider it. But, then I looked at you. Your eyes were filled with innocence and eagerness – “Can I go now Papa – can I begin our plan?” So I loaded you with treasured gifts to help you on your way. I wrapped you in the blanket of My love and sent you to earth today. I breathed my love all over you and whispered in your ear. Never forget who made you, My child, My baby dear. I am always here for you – you will never be alone – turn to Me when you need Me – I am only a whisper away.

I surrounded you with grown ups to protect and care for you. I entrusted you, my little one, to those I called to care. Did they know what I was giving them when I blessed them with the gift of you? I watched them fail to help you, to love you as they should. It broke the Heart of God, for sure, to see you be abused. I saw the confusion and hurt that was growing in your heart. You struggled to remember the love that you had known when I bounced you on My knee. You struggled to remember that I loved you. You couldn't remember Me...

I saw you make a choice today, that I never planned for you. I had a dream for you, remember? I wept all over heaven when you gave up all hope today. The angels tried to comfort Me, but, a Daddy's heart is broken when His baby is abused. I was there with you, my little one. I know you didn't see. But, I will lift you on My shoulders and carry you home today. I am sorry for your suffering, my baby, my darling, my precious little lamb.

All of Heaven is yours today. For keeps. Forever. For all you mean to Me...

Scripture Reference: Matthew 19: 14 NKJV

Then Jesus said to them: “Let the little children come to Me
And do not forbid them,
For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”


  1. Maureen, you made me cry. I'm sure that's exactly how He felt.

  2. Patty - This was very difficult to write. I truly felt the broken heart of God for this little one and so many like her. Whatever we feel, I know He feels so much more...


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