Monday, December 19, 2011


Anybody out there getting a little cranky? It's six days before Christmas and I'm getting dangerous.

My granddaughters were over yesterday. If they played Justin Bieber singing his Christmas Song one more time, I definitely would have put a hole in the wall! Anybody know what I'm talkin about? They just can't get enough of Justin, 'Baby-Baby", Bieber. After perhaps the 10th time in a row of hearing the Justin dude slaughter (in my humble opinion!) a series of Christmas classics that I have always loved, I suggested they play some of my Christmas CDs... When I pulled out an old Elvis CD, they responded with, 'Who is that guy?' and 'He needs to do something about his hair!' Are they kidding me - really? Have they even looked at Justin Bieber's hair?!

And so it went. Generation clash, Christmas over-kill, too much music, too much noise, too much pressure to buy, buy, buy, too little money, too little patience, too little emphasis on the real reason for Christmas!

Even the kids, normally very cute and adorable, were getting on my nerves!  They were jabbing each other verbally and physically, restless and crabby.  Even they were showing the signs of too much stress and unrealistic expectations! They seem to instinctively know that all this emphasis on shopping and gimme, gimme, and gimme some more, isn't satisfying. We really aren't made to go on an all out “lets see how much I can get” binge without becoming sick on our own selfishness.

Christmas just has to be something more. If we allow Christmas to completely dissolve into a pagan spending ritual, please excuse me from the holiday. If that's what we celebrate, then count me out – it's nothing more than an ode to greed.

I do long for a simple, old fashioned Christmas - one that doesn't cost much but is a priceless treasure.

I just want to enjoy the gathering of loved ones around the family table, grateful for each one that is still with us and remembering those that are gone before us who are dearly missed this Christmas. I want to watch the snow fall outside while being warmed by the light of the love of family and friends around me. I want to remember that my Savior came for me this night, so long ago. He knew I would be cranky if you push my buttons one too many times! He knew I would need His arms around me, loving me anyway, forgiving me for my very real limitations this time of year and others as well! He knew me. He loved me. He came for me. That's what I really want to celebrate this Christmas. The older I get, the more I realize the beauty and gift of Christmas is in the simplicity.  Jesus was born this night for me.  A simple and glorious truth to celebrate!

How about you? Got all your Christmas shopping done? Wrapped? Broke yet? Got the house all cleaned and decorated?  Baked the homemade cookies, candy and fudge yet?  No?!  Me neither! Feelin a little cranky? Take a deep breath and say a little prayer.  Jesus still loves you.  He still forgives you. He is still the reason we celebrate.

I hope, after Justin Bieber has grown old and grey (or, maybe even bald!) the world will still remember why we celebrate Christmas. It's all about Jesus. It always has been...

Scripture Reference:  Mark 1:3  NKJV

"The voice of one crying in the wilderness: 
'Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight.' "


  1. Maureen, I was cracking up through your first paragraph! My almost four year old niece has been infatuated with Justin Bieber for the past year of her life and says he is adorable. She loves music and he is her favorite. I do not see the fascination with his songs; although, he seems to be a great kid from a family that instilled christian beliefs in him. Our family had Christmas at Thanksgiving so this month has been relaxing. I do agree that it has become way too much about greed and little to do with giving to those in need rather than those in our circle that have more than enough already.

  2. I'm glad it tickled your funny bone, Shannon! With all of the stress of Christmas, a sense of humor is essential to survival! Wishing you all of the joys of the Season - the love, joy and peace of the New Born King this Christmas!

  3. My Christmas was very subdued . I felt very out of it and would have been happy with no gifts or any kind of celebration. How about a quiet Christmas , with a simple dinner and just your immediate family?

    1. Lottie - When you're as sick as you have been this Christmas, we begin to yearn for what really matters in life. And those things can't be purchased in the malls or over the internet. They are the simple and priceless gifts of the love of those that we hold dear. Nothing else even comes close...


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