Friday, December 30, 2011


I saw glimpses of God while I was watching you today!

You were...

A brand new first grader, showing off how well you can read.

Watching Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer for the 100th time tonight.

Dancing with your Daddy to 
Steven Curtis Chapman singing 

So excited to be starting sixth grade.

Dreaming of marrying Justin Bieber someday.

So excited to be on the Cross Country Team.

Capturing the lead in Hamlet at the start of your freshman year in college.

Pretending you're an only child, 
ruling the roost, 
as your 2 sisters left for college.

A young actress, portraying one of my favorite real life heroines, Anne Frank, 

in your sophomore year of college.

Tenderly, gracefully, untying 
the apron strings of your heart 
to let your babies fly from the nest.


Selflessly, lovingly, 
giving to me out of your own small resources.

Laughing with me, crying with me, 
understanding unspoken words.

Pretending you didn't notice I was a little on the crabby side that day. 
(okay, okay, maybe more than a little!)

Bringing Christmas to my house
 after a very long day on Christmas Eve.

Cooking for us all on Thanksgiving Day 

(You're such a Renaissance Man!)

Singing Christmas Carols 
in bed at midnight 
with you giggling and excited 
about the wonder of Christmas.

Sharing girl talk with you on Facebook.

Calling me Christmas Day from Romania.

So excited 
to welcome your first grandchild into the world.

Such a beautiful bride. 

Trying not to cry 
as you said goodbye to your daughter 
at her wedding
 - not a dry eye in the house.

The beautiful mother of the bride.

My constant friend, 
loving me, prodding me, encouraging me, 
teasing me, forgiving me, 
refusing to let me off the hook.

YOU. Unforgettable YOU!

Of all God's blessings, 
I count YOU among the sweetest...

"JUMP IN"  This section is for you! 
Jump in and leave a comment about your memories of 2011 
(only 'good' ones allowed!)

 What will you cherish as you say goodbye to 2011? 

Did you see 'glimpses of God'
 loving you, drawing you, encouraging you?

May you see His face smiling at you, 
everywhere you look in the coming year!

Happy New Year!


  1. I have many memories of 2011 . Some are good and some are bad , but I can honestly say , I wouldn't change anything . Happy New Year !!!

  2. It's been a year of changes...most obvious was going back to school for which I am most excited. I also found a new home church with a small group to attend filled with women I connected with upon first meeting. That has been a huge blessing I was missing out on previously. Looking forward to what lies ahead in 2012.

  3. It's always amazing that the "best things in life are still free" isn't it? We just have to remember to look for them! May God surprise us all with His best blessings hidden in the everyday moments of our lives in the coming year...


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