Friday, September 21, 2012

Butterflies All are We!

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.
Plans for peace and not for evil,
to give you a future and a hope."

Jeremiah 29:11

One of the most delicate and magical creations of the Creator is His little fluttering butterfly! Each one hand painted by the Master Artist of all creation, they are like little showcases of His beauty flitting in and out all around us.  

"Now to Him who is able...

The image of transformation, it is amazing to consider what becomes of the little, lowly caterpillar which starts its life crawling in the dirt, only to be elevated to star status by the Creator Himself.  Do you suppose when the caterpillar is crawling around on all fours (or 27s - or however many legs they have!) that he ever imagines what he was really created to be?  Do you suppose he says to himself, "Someday, I will be the envy of all who see me flying from flower to flower!"  Do you suppose he ever hopes he will be anything more than a lowly little insect that can be stomped out at the whim of a child?  Do you suppose that God whispers in his little tiny antenna ears - "You know, I have plans for you that you know nothing about!"  Do you suppose He tells him with excitement all He has planned for him, but the little hopeless, dirt bound caterpillar ignores what he hears and settles into his dreary life with no vision of what might be?  Do you suppose he tells all of his caterpillar brothers and sisters, "Don't listen to that.  This is all there is..."

to do exceedingly, abundantly...

I wonder if he was given the choice of crawling in the dirt or flying on the wind what he would choose.  After all, it's pretty risky to reach for something better!  

 above all that we ask or think...

Life in that cocoon looks pretty scary... It's dark and lonely in there!  Once inside, he might be wondering what's happening to him - why is he there, all alone and not sure if he will ever break out.  And if he does, what will his life be like on the other side of this trial?  Will it all be for nothing?  Poor little caterpillar.  He has to trust that Someone knows more about his little bug life than he does.  He has to trust that Someone is working in Him "more than he could ever ask or imagine..."  He has to fight to hang on until he breaks through...

According to the power that works in us..."
Ephesians 3:20

Aaaaah, but, when he does...  He is something beautiful to see!  Why, he doesn't even recognize himself!  Who is He?  Not the little crawly bug, scrounging in the dirt, afraid to even imagine something better.  No, no, no!  He is an absolute masterpiece, witness to the power of our Transforming God.  A teeny, tiny, masterpiece, transformed by the power of the Creator into something beautiful, even magical!  I can almost hear him laughing to himself as he flits from flower to flower.  "Look at me, look at me!  Look at beautiful me!  I never knew how wonderful my life could be!  But then, He touched me!  He touched me, and made me whole..."

That's us - you and me!  On our way to becoming butterflies all are we!  Hang on.  He is making us into something beautiful!


  1. I don't think that his life in the cocoon was scary or lonely . To me , it reflects a child in a mother's womb which means comfort . The outside world is the scary part . You never know what is waiting for you . Maybe , inside , he had time to prepare and reflect for the world .

  2. Oh, no, no, no, Lottie!! It's very risky for the caterpillar to climb in that cocoon and be all alone without any of his bug friends to keep him company!!! Can't you just see him shivering in the corner of the cocoon, wondering how he got there and where all his bug buddies are?! Of course, after awhile he decides this dark, hollow, lifeless tent is where he wants to stay. After all, it's what he gets used to! Breaking out is now the scariest thing he can imagine! But, if he stays, the cocoon he clings to becomes his tomb! The "safety" of the cocoon is a lie! His only path to life is in the fight he must wage to move forward... And that's the only way he discovers he can fly!! Just a little bug story, not meant to be taken toooooo literally. It will drive us both "buggy" if we do! :)

  3. This was really good and your comment was very well said, Maureen. Thanks for sending this my way.

  4. Thanks, Jean! I'm so happy you liked it!

    P.S. I thought I saw you flitting by me in the park the other day...! You were beautiful!! :)


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