Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the Law of the Spirit...

Has set me free..."
Romans 8:2

Ever feel like you had just stepped, barefoot, into the middle of a hornet's nest? You know you are in trouble and it feels like you can't outrun it, it is chasing you down and you are going to lose...

My friend is going through exactly that. She is trying to survive what feels like is impossible to overcome. She is being attacked all around her at a time in her life when she already feels extremely vulnerable. As she and I sat together yesterday, she shared some of the very hurtful things that have been going on in her life recently. She was wounded and bleeding all over the place, figuratively speaking. My heart goes out to her. I sorta wanted to grab the people responsible for this pain and beat them up the way they have mistreated my friend. But, she had come to me to pray with her, not to fight for her. 

And so, together, we sought the Lord. And as we did, He showed up at the table and sat with us and touched us both with the overwhelming and tender grace of a God who loves us and understands our griefs and our struggles. You could feel Him unwinding the rope around her neck that was threatening to strangle her. She began to smile and I watched as the tension dropped from her weary face – the clock seemed to move backward to a younger, freer, sweeter time in my friend's life. She was like a desperately thirsty woman, gasping to get a drink of water that would bring her back from the edge of life and death.

At moments like this, I am a witness to the glory of a God who shows up when I least expect Him but so desperately need Him. I step back and watch in awe as the God of All Compassion visits my house and answers my prayer. Who am I to have Him visit me? Who am I? I am nobody. But, He comes immediately, without hesitation. He sits down in my living room on my beat up old couch. He leans over and looks in my eyes. He doesn't have to say a word. It is clear that He understands. He knows the depth of hurt that words cannot express. He knows the shame. He sees it all, better than I.

Suddenly, there is a joy filling up the room. He throws His head back and laughs and laughs. I feel the freedom He is inviting me to enjoy. I love this God of Healing, God of Grace, God of Laughter, Peace and Joy... I laugh along with Him. He is the God Who Sets Me Free...

I hope you enjoy this beautiful song, one of my favorites: "Be Still My Soul" by Selah

(Just click on the Youtube link below the picture to hear and see the video.)

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