Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Heavenly Father...

Watches over me...

So tired tonight.  Just want to bury my head under the pillow and make everything go away.  I'm sure you've been there.  Nothing seems to go right.  People disappoint us.  We disappoint ourselves.  Wonder if I'm getting anywhere with old issues that keep rearing their ugly head.  I am weary.  I am worn out.  I am tempted to give up.  At times like this, I really do need to let The Lord carry me.  That's the picture I get with this beautiful song. 

I am riding high on the Father's shoulders.  He has seen my downcast face.  Like a loving daddy, He bends down to look in my eyes and smiles His love all over me.

He plops me high on His shoulders for all the world to see.  My Heavenly Father watches over me...

He carries me in and takes a seat in the big, overstuffed chair in the living room.  He pulls me close to sit curled up right by His side.  He rests my head on His shoulder.  He caresses my cheek to quiet me.  The room is filled with the fragrance of His love.  

In the quiet certainty of His love, I feel every tight muscle unwind.  He has come to sit with me... My God has visited me... I know it will be alright. My Heavenly Father watches over me...


  1. You speak to my heart and soul with all of your posts. How do you know how I am feeling and when I am feeling it? Thank you for bringing me closer to the Lord like only you could do. You are such a gift to me and to all that are in any way touched by your spirit!!

    1. Teresa, dear - Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. There is no higher compliment than that I might, even in the tiniest measure, help to draw you closer to the Lord! What a privilege! You are in my prayers, always...

  2. Maureen , I can so relate to this for I have felt like this many times . Beautiful !

    1. Lottie, dear - Thank you, Lottie. I am so happy if something I write touches you. You have always been an inspiration to me from the moment I met you. I believe God has woven us together for His purposes and one of them is to be an encouragement to each other along the way. For all the times you are that to me, I am so happy to return the favor in some small way.


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