Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Club Read: Half the Sky

Half the Sky
"Women Hold Up Half the Sky" Chinese Proverb

We will delve into this highly acclaimed, New York Times Bestseller, authored by Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife, Sheryl Wudunn, beginning on Friday, 3/9/12.  This is not an easy read, by any means.  It is challenging, shocking and heartbreaking at the same time.  The authors give us an unblinking and deeply compassionate look at the subject of the brutalization and oppression of women throughout the world and the international community's disinterest in doing anything about it, for the most part.  

I believe this is an important topic for all of us to become informed about, particularly as Christians. 

As difficult as it is to face the nightmare that so many women today are living through, we, as mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers, as well as the men who love them, have a responsibility to look into the faces of the women who are being neglected, abused, forgotten and left to die and ask ourselves what can we do about it?  It could be our daughter, our sister, our granddaughter, who becomes the next victim.  We might like to live under the illusion that this is not a problem that is happening in America, but that would be a mistake. The sexual exploitation of women and young girls in America is growing...

We will cover the Introduction and Chapter One next Friday.  I don't want anyone to feel too overwhelmed either with the subject matter or the amount of reading to do in a week!    

I will do a short review and then invite reader's comments from all who want to participate.  All comments are welcome, with the caveat that, of course, we will treat each other with respect, even if and when we may strongly disagree with another's point of view.  Insults or slurs, so common on the Internet today, will not be allowed and will be deleted promptly, should they occur.  This is a blog that is dedicated to the Lord, and as such, please remember to "speak the truth, in LOVE"!

The plan is to cover a new chapter or two each week, on Fridays, unless something comes up that interferes.  Your input, comments, suggestions, ideas are all welcome.  Hope you can join us!


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  1. I will be present to read your review and offer any insight I have from the intro and first chapter.


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