Friday, March 16, 2012

I Love to See You Dancing!

Wheeling toward me in that chair,
You're twisted up in knots,
Painted on your tattered face,
Pain has written its hard tale,
And brags that it has ownership of who you are today.

Your hair and skin are white as snow
Your eyes can't see, your ears don't hear
Your voice is thin and wispy.
Like a tiny snow flake,
You're dying in the sun.

I wonder as I look your way
What would you tell me,
If you could have your say?

Would you tell me of your childhood,
Of slumber parties and girlfriend's giggles
and dreams you dreamed back then?

Were you beautiful?
Did you fall in love one day?
Did you sing and dance 'til the moon came out?
Did you give your heart away?

Did you birth a baby?
Did you watch him grow?
Did you relish every moment
'Til you had to let him go?

Did you give your heart to Jesus
When you were just a girl?
I wonder as I look at you,
Where are you now? 
Where have you been?

Are you hiding in the mystery 
Of suffering and pain?
Are you holding on to Jesus?
Are you looking hard for Him?

Do you hear the love song 
He's singing over you?
Do you want to fly to Jesus?
Do you want to go to Him?

I see the beauty in your face,
Behind the mask of pain.
I know the One Who loves you most
Is whispering your name.

He saw you as a baby,
He was with you as a bride.
He has never, ever left you.
Even now, He's at your side.

He loves you and He's holding you.
He will never let you go.
For you He's made a place.
He's covered you from head to toe
With His transforming grace.

He says He hears you singing
He's dried up all your tears.
He says He sees you dancing
He's washed away your fears.

He says He sees you dancing
Your body is brand new!
He will touch you, and restore you.
He will give you back to you.

He loves to see you dancing!
He loves to hear you sing!

He's laughing and smiling
His smile lights the sky.
He winks at me
and brags on you
He has a Father's pride!

"Do you see that silver-haired lady,
All wrinkled, and shriveled inside?
She belongs to Me!
She's mine!

Long ago, when she was young,
She fell in love with Me.
Oh, how beautiful she has become!
She wears the clothes of suffering
I asked her to put on.

She's been abandoned,
Forgotten, ridiculed and scorned.
She can't remember who she was
Or who she hoped to be.

But I have not forgotten
She still belongs to Me.
She's mine. 
 Make no mistake.
She joined Me in My suffering,
She suffered for My sake.

I will wipe away every tear
Every ounce of pain, I will erase.
She never turned away from Me.
For Me, she ran the race.

I will welcome her to heaven
For her, I'll have the angels sing.
She'll wear a wedding garment
At the table of the King.

I see her at the wedding feast
as My invited guest.
She'll sing praises to my Name.
She'll dance all over heaven
For all eternity.

I love to see her dancing!
I love to hear her sing!"

"And God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes..."
                                                                                              Rev. 21:4

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