Thursday, June 21, 2012


Circles swirl around my heart,
They speak to me of riches I have treasured in my life.
I squint to see you clearly and strain to hear you speak.
Do you carry something with you that are treasures I should keep?

Are you just an illusion, beautiful and fleeting -
A distraction, nothing more?
Or are you secrets I have stored away,
Seeping out of every pore?

I bear a message from Your God, He wants you to remember.
These are pictures of those you've loved and cherished.
Do you love them still?
Do you care that they might perish?

See the baby nursing at your breast? I made her just for Me.
All grown up now, all graduated and successful beyond measure,
She lives her life without the One she was made to treasure.

See the little boy sliding into home base,
Your pride and love for him is filling up your face.
A daddy now, he has a family of his own.
Life tries his every muscle, it tests him to the bone.

See that one you giggled with on a soft September day,
When you promised to love him always, as you gave your heart away?
He messed up, he screwed up, he failed to keep his word.
But, I forgave you just as much and I love him still today.

Circles all around me, memories good and bad.
Joyous, humbling moments, some of them priceless, some so very sad.
But in those circles I see you and I see me.
When the Master blows the trumpet, when it's all over here,
Will I see you in heaven? Where will you be?

Why do I see you in the circles of my life?
I thought you'd gone away.
Why do I still see you?
What are you trying to say?

Can it be that God gave you to me not just for the moment,
But for eternity?
Can it be that the Father's purpose is greater
Than anything I perceived?

He keeps you ever in my heart
Circling around me, reminding me of you.
Whispering, I haven't forgotten them,
And neither, My child, should you...

He calls me to continue the work that He began
So long ago, when we were young, when we didn't know His plan.
He planned for all of us to be together, no matter what happens here.
You and I are meant for heaven, He's made that very clear.

You belong to Him, before and after you belong to me.
Of all the wonders of His love, the dearest to me are here.
My children, my grandchildren, my first love and my last.
No matter what has happened, I thank Him for the past.

I pray we all will find His grace,
To forgive and be forgiven the sins we all must face.
To love, to laugh, to weep together at His throne.
What would heaven be to get there all alone?

No matter what life brings us,
I pray we will remember,
There's a heaven waiting for us
And I pray I'll see you there...

Looking back, I see you clearly in the circle of my heart,
No matter what it looks like, you will always be a part,
Of all that I count priceless, of all that I hold dear.
In the depth of my heart, He has worked a miracle and keeps you very near.

I pray that you won't treasure this life more than it deserves.
It's just a fleeting moment, it's over before it begins.
I pray you find the Savior that forgives us all our sins.
For there's a heaven waiting for us
And I pray I'll see you there...


  1. Maureen, I think a circle is a perfect shape to illuminate the eternity of some relationships, like you mention in your poem. With circles there are no beginnings or ends. Did you ever take that poetry class you were talking about? I'm in creative writing right now and our first two weeks centered on poetry. I had to write three for my first assignment. I shared one on my blog. I think the biggest nugget of truth I took away from my reading in our book was to write what I feel not what I "should" feel. That set me free. :)

  2. Hi, Shannon! I finally have access to the Internet again! I have greatly missed writing. Guess I needed to experience that reality!! Haven't taken the course yet, but am exploring options. I love writing and poetry is my favorite of all. Nothing accesses my heart quicker. I agree with what you said about writing what you feel and not what you think you "should" feel. Never easy though, at least for me! Sometimes, we don't even know what we feel, really. Other times it's just plain scary to put it on paper for all to see. Veeeeery vulnerable!


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