Monday, July 23, 2012

Buried Alive...

Then Jesus called out in a loud voice - 
"Lazarus come out..."
And Jesus said to them, 

"Take off the grave clothes and let him go."
John 11:43,44

She wouldn't stop talking
Always laughing, full of joy
She looked at life with brand new eyes
And loved everything she saw

She didn't see that no-one cared
We ran the other way
She made us think of a life
We swore no one could have

She made us angry just to look at her
We spit and cursed at her
Cut her up in little pieces
To make her go away

She was clueless how she came across
She never walked she always danced
She sang songs and twirled around
She dripped her joy all over us
Every chance she got

Who did she think she was
Something special to be treasured
To be loved and cared for
We hated her for that

I couldn't find a way to end her 
 I ignored her
Mocked her
Pushed her deep inside

She was just an irritating constant bother child
I thought that she would go away
When I buried her alive

But, Someone saw her
Heard her cry
Answered her every why

He pulled her from the grave
He breathed new life in her
And called her by her name

Loving, caressing, healing all her wounds
He lifted her and smiled on her
And refused to let her go

He loved her, me, her, I mean
He saved us both I know

He treasured the woman who hid
the darling child inside

The one that I had thrown away
The one I buried alive...


  1. This is my favorite so far. I completely resonate with this poem. I think so many people can. For different reasons, we bury the "real" us inside, afraid to let them out. You don't know how timely this poem was for me to read.

  2. Thanks, Shannon. It has been ages since I wrote anything, but this was so important for me to write. I find myself so needing to own where I've been, where I've gotten lost and how much Jesus has loved me back to life, out of hiding, into the me He has created me to be. I think this is a much more common experience for women (and, maybe, for men too) than we realize. At some point, although life hurts us, it becomes our own choice to hurt ourselves, or reach out and accept the healing He offers us. For all those times we hurt ourselves, reject ourselves, join in our own self-destruction, we need forgiveness and the resurrection power of God to "take off the grave clothes" we have wrapped ourselves in and rise up in the joy of the new life He offers us. It is all our own choice... Amazing, isn't it?!


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